Artwork by Terri Branson
Adult Coloring Book [G]
52 pages [8×10 paperback]
60 illustrations to color
Artwork ©2016 Terri Branson
Released by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Challenge the mind with sixty original and complex geometric designs to color using pencils, markers, crayons, or any desired medium. Each geodoodle is created to reveal surprising layers and stunning visual effects when completed.


Paperback [8×10 trim (52 pages) black/white interior]
[EAN 978-1-941278-40-6 | ISBN 1-941278-40-X]
Includes 60 illustrations to color
Average Retail Price: $6.99
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“There are thousands of adult coloring books out there now but GEODOODLES is a wonderful reminder of my childhood. I had a ‘Geo-doodler’ when I was young and made all kinds of geometric designs. It was Terri Branson who used this concept to put together a book of geometric forms that you can color. Who would have thought years ago that this concept would catch on? Kudos to Ms. Branson for her ingenuity. BTW, I have nearly completed coloring my Geodoodles!” ~ reviewed by Roberta Hoffer on Goodreads [FIVE STARS]

“Excellent! Who would think, as an adult, I would like to color? Not me. Received this as a gift and much to my surprise coloring these geometric designs is addictive. If you like to doodle, this takes it to another level. Can’t wait for the next one!” ~ reviewed by Allen Gaines on Amazon [FIVE STARS]


TERRI BRANSON earned an associate degree in math and science before turning her efforts toward the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. In addition to being a graphics artist and an editor, she is an award-winning author who has sold articles on the craft of writing and conducted many local writing workshops. Awards include the EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy for the picture book BROTHER DRAGON and the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy for the science fiction and fantasy anthology COSMIC SCULPTURE. Adult Coloring Books include: GEODOODLES. Children’s Picture Books include: A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS, BROTHER DRAGON, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO THE ZOO, PETE THE PEACOCK GOES TO TOWN, SCOOTER’S WORLD, TYLER ON THE MOON, and WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK. Non-fiction titles include: A PSYCHIC LIFE. Fiction titles include: COSMIC SCULPTURE, DRAGON’S BLOOD, and DRAGON’S DEN, MUSK RAIN, and PRAIRIE FIRE. || Author Website | Author on Facebook | Dragons Incarnate series on Facebook |


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