The Doctor’s Daughters

by Nell Sutton Jordan
Non-Fiction / Biography
(116 pages) Illustrated B/W
[Text & Illustrations ©2003 Terri Branson]
Released by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

The middle of five daughters, Nell recalls growing up in Arkansas and Oklahoma at the beginning of the twentieth  century. From 1909 to 1934, her father was a country doctor who made house calls from the back of a horse and (more often than not) was paid in chickens rather than cash. The book provides an eye-witness account of rural American life in the early 20th century and is a treasure trove of small details ranging from daily life in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Dr. Sutton’s first practice was in Elizabeth, Arkansas. He then moved to Oklahoma, taking the family first to infamous Keokuk Falls and finally to the sleepy town of Milfay where he retired in 1934.

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“The Doctor’s Daughters gives a rare look inside the life of a rural country doctor at the beginning of the twentieth century, as told through the eyes of one of his daughters. The author spares no details, even describing how much people paid for getting a tooth pulled and how the family lived. Anyone researching this era and topic will find this book very helpful.” ~ Amber Sparks for Sparks Reviews [FOUR STARS]