Unexpected Gifts

[©2015] by Ariana Gaynor
Contemporary Romance [PG]
86 pages [24,000 words]
From Dragonfly Publishing

Sarah Wilson moves to Montana into what used to be the family vacation home. The memories of her late husband and the heartache of losing him along with their son’s affections visit her on a daily basis. Thankfully, she also remembers fun family skiing trips she went on as a teen with her parents and one special friend. Frank Taylor had never forgotten his best friend Alan’s younger sister. Leaving for college had ended any thought of a relationship when he lost contact with her. No other woman ever measured up to the standards he’d set because of her. He’s in for a surprise when he finds himself stranded in a blizzard and seeks shelter in the nearest home. Will the Christmas season bring Sarah another great love and help her regain the love of her child?


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ARIANA GAYNOR spends her time in central Ohio, loving her kids, her dog Shadow, and her lizard Izzy. Once the house is quiet and the work is over, she spends her time writing. She loves helping other authors. Sewing, crocheting, and knitting are a few of the hobbies she enjoys. Publications include the contemporary romance, UNEXPECTED GIFTS.